Meals in the restaurant

Restaurant "Central" welcomes you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Administration of hotel and resort complex "Mariot Medical Center" takes care of all nutrition for our guests.
The spacious restaurant "Central" for 44 guests awaits from 08:30 to 20:00, and a cozy bar - from 08:30 to 20:30.The chef offers to taste dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine and a variety of drinks.
We did not forget about your children. We have children's menu for them. You can use the restaurant*s hall to celebrate the significant events, corporate parties.

For guests of the restaurant "Central" we organize two service schemes from which you can choose the most convenient.

1 scheme - complex meals with prior order

The cost of a complete meals for adults 210,00 UAH
Breakfast 65,00 UAH
Lunch 80,00 UAH
Supper 65,00 UAH

The cost of a complete meals for kids 150,00UAH
Breakfast 45,00 UAH
Lunch 60,00 UAH
Supper 45,00 UAH
Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be ordered separately.  

2 scheme – dishes from the restaurant*s menu for your choice with the order directly at breakfast, lunch and dinner:


Sandwich with cheese and sausage 70 gr 9 UAH
Sliced cheese 50 gr 9 UAH
Sliced sausage 50 gr 9 UAH
Beet salad 150 gr 8 UAH
Fresh cabbage salad 150 gr 10 UAH
Scrambled eggs with sausage 160 gr 12 UAH
Omelet with vegetables 200 gr 12 UAH
Boiled egg 1 3,50UAH
Cheese pancakes with sour cream 150/35 gr 14 UAH
Fritters with jam 100/35 gr 8 UAH
Pancakes with jam 100/35 gr 8 UAH
Fish cutlet 100 gr 18 UAH
Chicken schnitzel 100 gr 18 UAH
Milk porridge rice 300 gr 11 UAH
Milk porridge oats 300 gr 11 UAH
Buckwheat porridge milk 300 gr 11 UAH
Toasts with honey 100/35 gr 6 UAH
Cookies 75 gr 6 UAH
Milk 200 gr 4 UAH
Sour milk 200 gr 4 UAH
Jam 35 gr 4 UAH
Honey 35 gr 5 UAH
Sour cream 50 gr 4 UAH
Mayonnaise 50 gr 4 UAH
Ketchup 50 gr 4 UAH
Butter 20 gr 4 UAH
Bread 100 gr 1,50 UAH

Signature dishes

Grilled salmon with caviar and cheese sauce on a bed of julienne vegetables 120/100 65 UAH
Medallions of pork with mushrooms 150 gr 49 UAH

Cold snacks

Sliced fresh vegetables 200 gr 20 UAH
Sandwich with red caviar 30/15/10 gr 16 UAH
Olives 70 gr 15 UAH
Cheese plate 150 gr 40 UAH
Salad "Greek" (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, cheese, herbs, lemon, olives) 300 gr 37 UAH
Vegetable salad  (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, parsley) 200 gr 22 UAH
Salad shrimp cocktail (shrimp, tomatoes, sauce) 200 gr 35 UAH
Salad "Meat" (boiled meat, potatoes, eggs, mayonnaise) 160 gr 28 UAH
Tonguesalad (boiledtongue, egg, cucumber, olive oil, spices) 150 gr 30 UAH
Salad "Marriott" (bell pepper, tomatoes, almonds, herbs, chicken file, olive oil,  croutons with garlic) 230/70 gr 37 UAH
Salad "East" (baked tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms) 200 gr 35 UAH
Salad "Madagascar" (chicken, pineapple, cheese, egg, mustard sauce) 160 gr 25 UAH
Sharp rolls of eggplant (eggplant, feta cheese, garlic, herbs) 200 gr 30 UAH

Hot snakes

Mushrooms in a cream sauce 135 gr 20 UAH
Mushroom julienne with chicken 100 gr 21 UAH
Pancakes with red caviar 150/20 gr 27 UAH
Eggplants and tomatoes baked with cheese 250 gr 37 UAH


Soup of the day 250 gr 15 UAH

Hot dishes

Tilapia by "spicy coat" (fish, spicy greens, olive sauce, olives, lemon) 180/150 gr 59 UAH
Hake baked in garlic sauce (hake, cream sauce, garlic) 100/30 gr 30 UAH
Baked trout 250 gr 70 UAH
Brizol from salmon 130 gr 45 UAH
Tortellini with cream sauce (Italian dumplings) 300 gr 39 UAH
Cannelloni stuffed with vegetables 380 gr 65 UAH
Pork chop 100/30 28 UAH
Veal "Delight" (beef braised in white wine with mushrooms and spinach) 300 gr 42 UAH
Baked chicken wings 170 gr 35 UAH
Chicken steak with ginger 100/35 gr 27 UAH
"Chicken fillet flambéed peaches" 200 gr 48 UAH
Chicken fillet in almond crust 100/150 gr 33 UAH


Boiled rice 150 gr 6 UAH
Boiled potatoes 200 gr 9 UAH
Baked potatoes 200 gr 20 UAH
Grilled vegetables 260 gr 37 UAH
Boiled vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) 150 gr 20 UAH


"Valerie" (cherry dessert with vanilla curd cream) 320 gr 30 UAH
Pancakes with ice cream, fruit and caramel sauce 250 gr 30 UAH
Chocolate curd dessert with banana 300 gr 32 UAH



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resort of Truskavets
Truskavets - is an original and most attractive spa resort in Ukraine. It is situated in the picturesque valley of the northern foothills of the Eastern Carpathians at a height of 350m above sea level at a distance of 100km south of Lviv. The climate is mild and easily carried out by tourists...
Mariot Medical Center
The modern hotel of European-style "Mariot Medical Center" is a resort complex that will meet the needs of the most fastidious guests.

HOTEL opened its hospitable doors recently - in June 2003. It is located in a quiet cozy place in the heart of the city...
On therapeutic basis of the hotel you can treat following diseases: chronic diseases of the liver, gall bladder, biliary tract, musculoskeletal, diabetes.

Diagnostic testing is performed with the help of modern methods of laboratory...

Naftusia - is low mineralized (with mineralization 0,63-0,85 g / l), almost fresh, hydro-magnesium-calcium water, which has a specific taste and a slight odor of hydrogen sulfide. It is colorless, almost transparent, cold (10 °C), and tasty. Hence, perhaps, came the name "Naftusia". Naftusia contains iron...