Medical services

Diagnostics and treatment are carried out in the hotel and recreation complex "Mariot Medical Center", Truskavets.

Medical services   Medical services

Doctor's referral is held diagnostic testing using modern methods of laboratory diagnosis, ultrasound of internal organs, x-ray, fibrogastroduodenoscopy, iridodiagnostics and rektoskopia.
Many hotels and sanatoriums of Truskavets offer treatments and rest. The treatments are based on natural healing factors: the local mineral water, physiotherapy etc.But treatments can be offered not only by the sanatorium of Truskavets, but also by many private hotels. If You want to stay in a comfortable room and at the same time take treatment course in modern diagnostic center, then welcome to the Hotel Mariot Medical Center.
Treatment of Truskavets mineral water in combination with balneo-physiotherapy gives stable health effect.

Medical services   Medical services

The list of medical services offered by health complex "Mariot Medical Center":

  1.  Therapist`s consultation is free. Doctor will offer toYou an individual system of improvement and cleansing the body.

  2. Physiotherapy includes the following treatments:

    • Magnetic Laser therapy is used in diseases of almost all body systems. This procedure allows treatinflammation;remove stagnation, spasm in different organs, update the microcirculation of the curve given the normal rate of functioning organs.With the help of phonophoresis deep penetration of drugs in the problem areas can be achieved, the effect of anesthesia occurs; it resumes normal innervation of the affected cells.

    • Venous blood purification. Indications: systemic diseases of the body and a variety of allergic processes (asthma, bronchitis). This procedure reduces the number of allergens in the blood, normalizes immune system, and sets the normal biorhythm of sick or damaged organs.

    • EHF-therapy is a procedure that sets the organs on their own biorhythm and normalizes the immune status of the body.

    • Electrophoresis and galvanizing are the procedures that allow using the current to bring to the affected organ medicine. The effect is a combination of the current and the medicine that is introduced into the body. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic effects can be achieved.

    • Electrosleep is a procedure that affects the structure of the brain, normalizes the processes of excitation and inhibition in the cortex; stabilize blood pressure, improves sleep and mental state.

    • Singlet-oxygen therapy in the form of foams and inhalation. Procedure activates the metabolic processes in the body, stimulates the function of the endocrine glands, normalizes vascular tone and improves its throughput. Enriches the blood with oxygen.

  3. Blind sensing isheld under indications on different medical preparations with physiotherapy. This allows You to update the normal colloidal state of bile, cleanse the gallbladder and liver, reduces inflammation in the body.

  4. Underwater shower massage. The effect of water pressure massage has a pronounced effect in a variety of nervous and emotional disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, radiculitis, post-traumatic pain), cardiovascular system, dystonia, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis and other diseases.

  5. Massage Manual - preventive massage (relaxing, invigorating), medical (lymphodraining, segmental, vacuum, anti-cellulite, honey, chocolate, kids). Promotes weight loss, improves muscle tone, has anti-cellulite effect.

  6. Diagnosis:
    • laboratorydiagnosis;
    • ultrasounddiagnosis;

  7. Cosmetology room with the use of professional makeup.
Medical services   Medical services


Procedurename Price (UAH)
1 Physiotherapy:
- magneto-laser therapy
 - ultrasound therapy with medicines
- ultrasound therapy without medicines
- magnet + physiotherapy (one site)
- extremely high-frequency therapy
- laser-therapy
- electrophoresis
- electrosleep
- galvanization
- oxygen foam on licorice
- singlet oxygen inhalation

2 Venous blood purification 15,00
3 Mineral bath based on bischofite 50,00
4 Underwater jet massage shower combined (30 min.). 90,00
5 Tyubazh on sorbitol (blind sensing) 7,00
6 Full body massage  (1 hour.)
Back massage
Cervical branch massage
Breast branch massage
Cross-regional branch massage
Loverlimbs massage
7 Intravenous injection 20,00
8 Intramuscular injection 10,00
  • The prices for medical services may be changed or supplemented by our medical specialists.
  • Minimum course of treatment - 18-24.

resort of Truskavets
Truskavets - is an original and most attractive spa resort in Ukraine. It is situated in the picturesque valley of the northern foothills of the Eastern Carpathians at a height of 350m above sea level at a distance of 100km south of Lviv. The climate is mild and easily carried out by tourists...
Mariot Medical Center
The modern hotel of European-style "Mariot Medical Center" is a resort complex that will meet the needs of the most fastidious guests.

HOTEL opened its hospitable doors recently - in June 2003. It is located in a quiet cozy place in the heart of the city...
On therapeutic basis of the hotel you can treat following diseases: chronic diseases of the liver, gall bladder, biliary tract, musculoskeletal, diabetes.

Diagnostic testing is performed with the help of modern methods of laboratory...

Naftusia - is low mineralized (with mineralization 0,63-0,85 g / l), almost fresh, hydro-magnesium-calcium water, which has a specific taste and a slight odor of hydrogen sulfide. It is colorless, almost transparent, cold (10 °C), and tasty. Hence, perhaps, came the name "Naftusia". Naftusia contains iron...